January 9, 2021 GSMCB: Linguistic Justice with Application to Louisiana


The Gillespie-Senter 
Memorial Community Breakfast
January 2021 session
Linguistic Justice with 
Application to Louisiana
  Robert Desmarais Sullivan MA, MEd

10:50am - 12:30pm
10:50am-11:00am: Participant Introductions
11:00am-12:00pm: Keynote Presentation
12:00pm-12:30pm: Progressive Community Announcements
Via Zoom Meeting:
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Meeting ID: 986 0403 7752
Passcode: 065797
Linguistic justice is a specific area of social justice in that it is a reflection of social, economic and political inequities. In the United Nations, diversity in culture and languages is viewed as a right and advantage of stable society, In the European Union, communities have a right to education and media in their historic languages.

In Louisiana, the Constitution of 1974 guarantees the right of citizens to their cultural heritages. As a Louisiana-Creole francophone, Robert Desmarais Sullivan will look at how that has worked in Louisiana and how cultural and linguistic policies can be implemented by citizen action.

OUR SPEAKER-- Robert Desmarais Sullivan (MA, MEd) is Cajun Creole from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was a teacher in French, German, Latin and English in various private schools in New Orleans before joining the faculty of Benjamin Franklin High School, where he retired. He was the creator of the first French-music show in New Orleans on WWNO, "L'Heure acadienne", in the early Eighties, and he led the creation of the first French-immersion program at Audubon Montessori at the same time.

His graduate and educational work were interrupted by near-death from AIDS in the late Eighties, and he spent many years transferring his aptitude for research to questions of healthy living.

For 2021, he is planning on a series of French-language Zoom discussions involving all Louisianians and out-of-state allies to consider the creation of a French-language civil society with cultural autonomy within the State. 
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The Gillespie-Senter Memorial Community Breakfast has been a project of
the First Unitarian Universalist Church Social Justice Team since May 1983

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