February 2018 GSMCB is on holiday due to the final weekend of Carnival 2018 -- Happy Mardi Gras!

Gillespie-Senter Memorial Community Breakfast

- Celebrating our Thirty-Fifth year of progressive social justice solidarity -
Saturday February 10, 2018 session

Is ON HOLIDAY for the final Carnival 2018 weekend
Happy Mardi Gras!

Our upcoming Saturday, 11:00am dates:

March 10
April 14


Also on holiday is our community partner:
Co-Chaired by the Rev. Dr. Kevin U. Stephens and Pat Bryant
(which usually meets Mondays, 4:45pm, 
at Christian Unity Baptist Church, Conti Street at North Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans)


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Usually held on the second Saturday of each month, the Gillespie-Senter Memorial Community Breakfast honors educators, First Unitarian Universalist Church members, and founders Jack and Millie Gillespie, whom with fourteen community groups* launched the Community Breakfast in May 1983 as a forum for progressive social justice activism, organizing, and solidarity; and Katherine "Kit" Senter, civil rights pioneer, long-time social justice activist, and a First Unitarian Universalist Church member who was crucial in the ensuring the Community Breakfast's longevity


A project of the First Unitarian Universalist Church Social Justice Team
Gillespie-Senter Memorial Community Breakfast subcommittee members: 

Beth Butler* - A Community Voice
David Capasso - First Presbyterian Church
Chris Day - National Organization for Women, New Orleans Chapter
Ben Gordon* - Pax Christi New Orleans
Wendy King* - League of Women Voters New Orleans
Charlotte Klasson - New Orleans Secular Humanist Association
Brad Ott* - Healthcare-Now! Southern States
Robert Demarais Sullivan - First Unitarian Universalist Church Social Justice Team
Sue Weishar - Jesuit Social Justice Research Institute

*A co-founding Community Breakfast community group representative
Current organizational and institutional affiliations listed for identification purposes only


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