Climate Change is Upon Us Whether We Want It Or Not

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Robert Desmarais Sullivan - Social Justice Team, First Unitarian Universalist Church
Alicia Cook -

Climate change is upon us whether we want it or not. The skeptics deny that humans have anything to do with it, but very few of them deny it is happening. The Gillespie Breakfast will feature Robert Desmarais Sullivan and Alicia Cook -- both of the Unitarian Universalist Church and -- talking about what we can still do to prevent the worst effects of climate change, given that 150 or so countries, including the US, signed the Paris Climate Accords on Earth Day of this year. They will assume you agree that there are serious climate changes and that humans are partially responsible. The stated goal of the Paris Accords is reduction in fossil-fuel usage in order to keep the Earth's temperature within livable range. So some difficult choices must now be made. And quickly.

10am to 12noon
First Unitarian Universalist Church
5212 South Claiborne Avenue
Parson Clapp Large Classroom
(enter via Soniat Street)

10:00am -- Progressive Roundtable Networking
11:00am -- Keynote Presentation

Held every second Saturday of each month, the Gillespie Memorial Community Breakfast has been a project of the First Unitarian Universalist Church Social Justice Committee 
since May 1983.


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