Shady Science: Chemtrails and Other "Coverups"

Saturday, February 8, 2014
Raphaelle O'Neil

Raphaelle is a self-styled actor, activist, guerilla reporter, poet and a licensed massage therapist who has done extensive research into multiple geo-engineering and weather modification  activities apparently being conducted all around us. 
Introducing a local showing of the film "What in the World Are They Spraying?"
(click to view the film in its entirety)
Investigating chemtrails, the oddly occurring, atypical vapor trails emanating from high-flying aircraft, is one of Raphaelle's pet studies. Distinguished from 'contrails', which are the accepted designation of normal, ice-vapor trails formed from jet engine exhaust, chemtrails seem to linger longer and spread wider across the skies, often in unusually patterns. Join us to learn more about this and other controversial environmental concerns, including theories about what's behind such activities.
At a march against Monsanto and GMOs

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Community-Driven Development for the Future of the L9

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sarah DeBacher
UNO Instructor, and Director of The Greater New Orleans Writing Project (GNOWP)

 Sarah DeBacher is a founding member of the L9 Vision Coalition, and she has also taught written composition and creative writing at UNO for ten years. She and her husband and son live in a converted shotgun double in historic Holy Cross. Sarah talked to us about the conflict between the proposals made by Perez architects and developers of the former Holy Cross High School property and the desires of the people who actually live there.

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