The Reform School From Hell's Surviving "White House Boys" and Ending Poverty in the Delta

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Antoinette Harrell
Longtime Activist for Human Rights 
and Genealogist

The Dozier School's "White House"
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Antoinette will be discussed the gross injustices committed against the 'White House Boys' and other juvenile inmates at Florida's notorious Dozier School for Boys in Marianna which was shut down in 2011. (Click links to learn more.)

Over a century of abuse and hundreds of suspicious deaths with many remains still being unearthed occurred while it was in operation. 

She also talked about her ongoing efforts to end poverty in the Mississippi delta region. A tireless defender of the disenfranchised, she has spent countless hours researching instances of modern-day slavery and peonage across the U.S., and helped in the rescue and rehabilitation of at least one such family held captive.  

Antoinette hosts a radio program, Nuturing Our Roots, where she invites guests to speak about the tedious and difficult work of tracing the genealogy of African Americans, and also a cable access program on the same topic: African Roots:

You can access recordings of previous shows HERE.

African Roots Television - 

Host Antoinette Harrell and Genealogist Bernice Bennett

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