TimeBanking in New Orleans: the Nola TimeBank Community -An Alternative Economy

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gretchen Zalkind
Coordinator, Nola TimeBank

Originally from Portland, OR, Gretchen spent 20 years in Los Angeles before moving to New Orleans last summer. According to her, she "was a very happy member of the Echo Park Time Bank in Los Angeles and (is) happy to be helping the NOLA TimeBank get up and running."

Timebanking is an alternative economy which has no monetary basis and instead values all labor equally so that an hour of any service is valued the same as any other service, which is then "banked" upon completion into a pool of service hours from which one can withdraw when necessary.  

Gretchen elaborated on this concept as well as on the local chapter in New Orleans, and informing us of how to become a member and where and when upcoming workshops will be held. 

Several of our Community Breakfast attendees are Nola TimeBank members already, and several others have expressed an interest in learning more, so this was a chance to find out all about this exciting movement for community building. 

Listen to the recorded presentation HERE

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