Another Chance to Listen to Our Keynote Presentation from Saturday, 1/14/2012: "Voice of the Ex-Offender: Challenges and Opportunities"

Our featured speaker on Saturday, Norris Henderson, Executive Director of V.O.T.E. (Voice of the Ex-Offender) spoke about the difficulties faced by ex-offenders after serving their sentences and upon returning home. He also told of us various programs and efforts to help them ease back into society and become productive citizens, including registering to vote. Of course, he talked about a lot more...

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Voice of the Ex-Offender: Challenges and Opportunities

Norris Henderson   
Executive Director, V.O.T.E.
Long time activist and advocate for ex-offenders, Norris talked about the difficulties facing people after being released from prison, and the programs and efforts to help them make the transition. He also discussed the role politics and other agendas play in the perpetuation of obstacles and prejudices facing ex-ofenders. 



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